My name is James--Aldrin if you know too many Jameses. I’m a creative at heart with a love for utility. I have experience in customer service, business admin, and design that have culminated into what is now my unique background.

I'm currently working on improving the online experience for Hopia Like It! and Arch Node Agency. You can see my skills and my design process below.


Product Strategy & Branding
Print/Laser Design
Visual Design
& Wireframing
Information Architecture

My Process

Below is the process I’ve developed and is primarily influenced by design-thinking methodology and may slightly change according to the project, allotted time, and budget.


While understanding our "users" are undoubtedly important, I emphasize that understanding of the Business and its Landscape are equally important. That is, I conduct research on the business, the user or Customer, and the landscape the business operates in.


Once I've collected sufficient data, I start making sense of it. Through methods such as storyboards and persona creation, I take a look at where these three factors might intersect and how.


One solution isn't enough. It's important to look at a problem and present different solutions to test.


After testing, iterate and test again, as needed or budgeted.


In print design, the final file must be prepared according to the printer's requirements. Similarly, the final iterated design must be prepared to be understood by a developer.

Product Designer



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