Design System

Project Timeline

01/15/19 - 01/21/19




Original Greek is a retail business whose primary customers are collegiate students, specifically affiliated with greek organizations. They sell products on multiple marketplaces and have a social media presence on Instagram and Facebook. I created a design system for Original Greek to help streamline designs and create a cohesive brand recognized by young adults.


Create a design system that can be implemented instantly and easily.


The goal of the project was to provide Original Greek with a cohesive branding system that they could use on all their platforms (e.g. website, social content, print).


Before creating any new designs, I conducted an inventory audit among all platforms.


It was apparent that Typography and Buttons had a wide array of styles. When so many styles are present, users can experience difficulty digesting and navigating the site.

Once I had all the assets gathered, I created a ‘touchpoint inventory’ chart to gain context.


Brand Workshop

With all the stakeholders present, I hosted a brand workshop using Google Venture's Three-Hour Brand Sprint to get an understanding of how they think their current brand exists as well as how they hoped to exist. I'm always fascinated by the revelation that all team members aren't always on the same page until it's verbally spoken into existence. 


This system is based on the principles of atomic design where smaller parts (atoms) can be combined into larger parts (molecules). From there, we can create even larger parts to create organisms, templates, and pages. Using this system, I defined our colors, typography, icons, buttons, and paragraph/text layouts.

Because all the computers here are loaded with Windows 10, I created the system in Figma and can be easily updated or modified when creating new web elements. When anything is changed, such as a button's color, the entire system will update throughout. 

What's Next?

This system is meant to be a starting point for Original Greek's brand. All of the elements created are intended for use on the web. The next step in the process will be adding elements intended for use in print.